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What is ymusk?

Ymusk stands for Yenzie's Mush Klient. It is a mush client written in Perl. Built around the Net::Telnet and Tk modules, it is meant to be a simple program easily customizable.


For more details (and goodies), see the User Guide.


It is also possible to access the current working copy of ymusk via CVS. See the instructions on the SourceForge page

isis (v0.9) on Mandrake 7.2 + KDE 2.0

isis (v0.9) on Mandrake 7.2 + KDE 2.0

ymusk v0.8 (peter) on Linux Mandrake 7.1 + Kde 1.2

peter (v0.8) on Linux Mandrake 7.1 + Kde 1.2

ymusk v0.6 (tempest) on Linux + Kde
ymusk v0.6 (tempest) on Linux + Afterstep
ymusk v0.3 (trowa) on Win95 v0.2 Main screen (Linux + Afterstep) v0.1 opening screen (Linux + Afterstep)

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